Helping Uber to Drive Growth

In the eight years since its founding, Uber has already grown to nearly $6 Billion in annual revenues with operations in 528 cities worldwide. Crucial to Uber’s growth is the recruiting and retaining of drivers.

To help prepare new drivers for success, Uber’s developed a series of driver education tools. Uber enlisted Active to help with the production and distribution of the materials to their American network.

The main component of the initiative is the New Driver Information package which includes a Get Started Guide and a Partner Guide inserted into a folder. All new Uber drivers will receive this packet upon orientation.

Uber also designed market-specific tools for 9 of the country’s largest metropolitan regions. These included brochures on featured topics like Local Hotspots and information on how to serve area airports. Each market has its own unique characteristics and these help new drivers establish the best way to be successful in their area.

On of the biggest challenges in this initiative was distributing materials to Uber’s 186 driver recruitment facilities across the country. 49 of these locations are considered ‘hubs’ and 137 are remote facilities. Each location orders different quantities.

The most economical solution is shipping materials to the 49 ‘hub’ locations and utilizing Uber’s driver network to get the material to the remote facilities. Active kitted the orders for each of the 186 locations and consolidated those kits into shipments for each hub.

Active provided Uber with the option of shipping materials monthly, every 6-weeks, or bi-monthly. Together we created a model showing the tradeoffs between reduced shipping cost and the need for materials storage at each location.

Active also had to be aware of the receiving capabilities of each hub (Do they have a loading dock? Is there a forklift available, etc). Active worked with Uber to contact each of the hubs and interview them on their receiving abilities and determine the best shipping method for each hub.

Besides being one of the nation’s premier print suppliers, Active also has the expertise in fulfillment capabilities to provide a one-stop solution for this project. If you have complex print and fulfillment projects, there’s no need to compromise either aspect – Active can do both.

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