Turning Wedding Trolleys Into a Hyatt Promotion – On a Tight Deadline


If you were in Chicago in October, you may have noticed some brightly decorated trolleys cruising around the downtown streets. The trolleys, sponsored by Hyatt, were ferrying many of the 30,000+ Chicago Ideas Festival attendees between different venues.

Hyatt wanted to decorate the trolleys to promote both the festival and their Hyatt Gold Passport rewards program. There was a major logistical issue though – the decorated trolleys needed to be ready first thing Monday morning but they were being used at weddings all day Saturday. Installation of the Hyatt graphics couldn’t start until Sunday morning. Hyatt approached Active with the problem and we figured out how to make it happen.


Since there were no ‘pre-made’ templates, our first task was creating accurate design templates for each of the trolleys. A couple weeks before, we visited the trolley company and made detailed measurements of each of the four trolleys. From these we created custom vehicle wrap templates and pre-printed each of the panels.

After we sent trolley photos to the brand team at Hyatt, they decided that the Forest Green top part of the trolleys would clash with the design for the bottoms. This expanded the scope of the project from just wrapping the lower part of the trolleys to wrapping the entire vehicles.

Since the trolleys were needed for weddings, Active suggest wrapping the top part of the trolleys in white. This would allow us to wrap them prior to Saturday’s wedding events. The trolley company said that was fine – as long as each bridal party said it was OK. We contacted each bride to explain the situation. Thankfully they all allowed us to get the tops of the trolleys done ahead of time.


Early Sunday morning, our installers arrived at the trolley company garage. They washed the trolleys and installed all the pre-printed panels. Everything was finished in time and the trolleys were cruising downtown Chicago early Monday morning.

The trolleys ran from Monday through Thursday. The trolleys were needed for Saturday weddings, so on Friday our installer had to remove all decals and return the trolleys to their original condition.

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