Using High-Tech Printing to Promote an Ancient Art

Jim Bachor is a Chicago-based artist who works in mosaics.  He has an ongoing project to add some art to Chicago streets by filling potholes with mortar and installing a mosaics. Subjects of the mosaics can run from political figures to consumer brands.

Our client, Galambos + Associates, worked with Bachor to design a book showcasing these public arts projects. They were concerned that capturing the feeling and look of the mosaics wouldn’t be possible.

To achieve the vibrant colors, Active printed the book on our HP Indigo press using a seven-color process printing technology which uses the four basic process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) and also orange, purple, and a second hit of magenta into the separation. This greatly expands the available color gamut, enables brighter colors, and provides more life-like reproduction.







The cover of the book featured a close up of two mosaics. The tile areas are embossed, raising them from the mortar, replicating the look and feel of a mosaic. Embossing adds the feeling of a mosaic, but it also effects the look by contributing to the dimensionality of the printed piece.









On the margin of each left hand page there are a series of what looks like random marks. But when the book is closed, these marks create a pattern that matches the printed title on the spine.

At Active, we love challenging projects that allow us to fulfill our clients design objectives.

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