Environmental Graphics Helps Erickson Institute Build Their Brand


Erikson Institute is an independent institute of higher learning focused on early childhood education and development. They’re celebrating their 50th Anniversary and using this occasion as a way to educate the community about their mission. For help, they went to our client, Liska + Associates.

Liska decided that one facet of the campaign should take advantage of Erikson’s location. Their Chicago campus is located on a busy corner in the River North neighborhood. Tens of thousands of pedestrians and cars pass by every day.  Environmental Graphics could take advantage of this location to reach thousands of people daily.

Liska designed a graphic display for a series of windows on the front of Erikson’s building. There are 14 separate panels in two 7-panel rows. The panels on the bottom row each measure 59.5”x104” while the top panels measure 59.5”x56” giving the full graphic a size of nearly 35’ x 13’.

The graphics are printed on a white opaque vinyl with an adhesive back. For additional protection, we applied a matte laminate.


The graphics grab the attention of thousands of passerby every day – helping to raise Erikson’s profile and educate the public about their mission.

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