Unveiling Our New Cutting System (and other ‘boring’ but necessary investments)

An air of excitement and anticipation filled Active’s Cicero plant early one morning last month when a series of trucks pulled up to our dock. After months of anticipation, what was once only a dream was becoming a reality – our new Polar N137AT 200 Cutting System had finally arrived.

Ok…ok…we admit it. Installing a new cutter cutting system isn’t the most exciting news. It’s not something that normally leads to press releases. Regardless of how exciting we try to make it sound, most people have trouble even feigning interest. But this actually is a big deal.

It’s not only the ‘sexy’ investments that help a company keep in the forefront of their industry. While a fancy new digital press or a mind-blowing laser diecutter may get people excited, a manufacturing plant is a system. All aspects of the system need to be operating at optimal level if we’re going to continue exceeding customer expectations.

Our new cutting system is only one of a series of investments we’ve made in the past few weeks to keep our manufacturing at an industry-leading level. We’ve installed two new screw-drive air compressors that supply equipment throughout the plant. We recently installed new shrink-wrap equipment in our warehouse which will improve the throughput and efficiency of our handwork/kitting team. Later this month Fujifilm will be installing a new Javelin 8600 S plate setter which will dramatically reduce turn-around times.

Besides, our new cutting system actually is pretty cool. It’s CIP3 compliant which means all cutting measurements are automatically driven by the pre-press files. It includes a hydraulic skid lift, an air-activated vibrating jogger, and an automated stacking system. The next time you’re visiting us, ask for a demo. We’re very proud of it.

If you’d like to talk to us about your graphic arts or marketing needs (or just want to see our new cutting system!) contact your Active rep or fill out the form.

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